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CATV network data transmit system “CUPOL”

  • Operating frequency range of the system: transmission equipment 11-65 MHz, reception equipment 300-400 MHz.
  • Guarding up to 2000 objects.
  • Transmitting over 200 notifications.
  • Connection channel continuous checking.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • High protection of connection channel.

CATV network data transmit system (CNDTS) “Cupol” is purposed for centralized guarding of remote stationary objects, monitoring of mobile objects, collecting of telemeter information, controlling of object execution devices, with the information transmitted over CATV network. CNDTS “Cupol” is purposed for managing of the object fireguard also. CNDTS “CUPOL” is a growable and tunable system and allows to provide all demands for objects guarding.

The main application fields of CNDTS “Cupol”:

  • Guarding commercial, stock and industrial offices, shops etc.;
  • Monitoring mobile objects (operating groups, technological transport);
  • Guarding trade offices, garages and others non-phone objects;
  • Guarding with help of “alarm” buttons;
  • Object fireguarding;
  • Monitoring industrial water and warm supplied systems.

System “Cupol” contains:
Object equipment:

  • control panel “Cupol–4K”;
  • control panel “Cupol–16K”;
  • control panel “Cupol–16T”;
  • modem “Cupol-MT”;
  • modem “Cupol-GSM”;
  • control panel console;
  • back-up power supply;
  • supplement equipment;
  • guard and fire alarms;
  • measuring sensors, execution devices (while monitoring the object).

Equipment for the centralized supervision console (CSC):

  • digital receiver “Cupol-DRc”;
  • software “Cupol-16S”;
  • back-up power supply “Cupol-BPS”;
  • IBM compatible computer;
  • Equipment of the computer power supply back-up.

CNDTS “Cupol” is a network united guarded objects. All objects are equal relative of common radiochannel. Transmitting of the infromation is made in packet mode, the packet length is variable and depends on data transmission volume. The channel transmission speed is 4800 bod.

While data transmitting, the error control coding and data transmission integrity are made, that allows to provide high error protection and system work large distance, non-authorized access protection to the data. All information entering from guarded objects is separated to telemeter and event information.

Telemeter information enters to CSC with programmed period and used for checking the signal pass from the real object and displaying its current state. While event information transmitting, it is repeated three times with the interval from 30 to 90 seconds with spreading the ether output time by accidental law. Transmitting all information about the object state is made while each data exchange, it provides reliable work of CNDTS “Cupol” at the signal missing.

The system operating frequency is by a customer while equipment ordering and in range 11…65 MHz for transmission and 300-400 MHz for reception equipment. With help of built-in software, CNDTS “Cupol” allows the operational change over the frequency in limits ±3 MHz from the central frequency.

CSC “Cupol” is a hard-n-soft complex based on IBM compatible computer and digital receivers “Cupol-DRc”. The digital receiver realizes the signal reception and primary processing.

In case of large number of served objects, it is possible to separate them to several operators, at this, CSC is based on several computers united in the local network.

The equipment CNDTS “Cupol” is purposed for the round-the-clock operation in the following climate conditions:

  • Environment temperature +5 °C…+40 °C (optionally -40 °C…+50 °C);
  • Relative humidity – up to 75% at 30 °C;

System capacity Up to 2000 objects
System address capacity Up to 4096
Number of transmitted notifications Over 200
One-way data transmission From objects to CSC
Signal coding Error control coding
Connection channel separation method between different objects Accidental access with time separation
Number of different systems “Cupol” working at one frequency Up to 127 system (applied with code separation)
Operating frequency range, MHz  
Object equipment, MHz 11-65
Console equipment, MHz. 300-400
Signal modulation type HF
Frequency set step kHz 250
Frequency operational change range, MHz (by software) ±3 from the central frequency
Number of simultaneously used frequency channels in system Up to 8
Quality connection checking Continuous, at each connection performance with objects

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