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Guard radiosystem “Cupol”

  • Operating frequency range 146-174 MHz.
  • GSM (GPRS) channel operation compatibility.
  • Managing up to 2000 objects.
  • Mobile object monitoring.
  • Transmitting over 200 notifications.
  • Multi-frequency operating.
  • Non-breakable connection checking.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • High protection of connection.

Wireless Data Transmit System (WDTS) “Cupol” is intended for centralized managing (guarding) of the remote stationary objects, mobile system monitoring, collecting the telemetric information, controlling of the object executive devices with transmitting of the information over the radiochannel and/or GSM (GPRS) channel. WDTS “Cupol” is used also for managing the object fireguarding. WDTS “Cupol” is a raised and tunable system and allows to provide full requirements for the object guarding and monitoring.

The main application fields of WDTS “Cupol”:

  • Guarding the offices, warehouse and industrial rooms and buildings, shops etc.;
  • Mobile object monitoring (fast reaction groups, technological transport);
  • Guarding with help of “alarm” buttons;
  • Object fireguarding;
  • Monitoring water and warm supply systems in industrial application.

WDTS “Cupol” contains:
Object equipment:

Centralized supervision console (CSC):

WDTS “Cupol” is a radio network united guarded objects. All objects are equal relative of common radiochannel.

Objects are divided on:

Transmitting over the radiochannel is performed in a packet mode, the packet length is variable and depends on the data transmission volume. The channel transmission speed is 4800 bps.

While transmitting on the air, the special coding and information integrity are made, which allows to provide a high protection and large operation radius of the system, the protection from unauthorized access to the radiochannel.

The whole information from monitored objects is divided into telemetric and event information. Telemetric information enters from CSC with programmed interval and it is used for checking the signal transferring from a real object and displaying its current status.

While event information transmitting, it is repeated with a defined interval and spreading time of the air transmission by accidental law. While each exchanging over the radiochannel, the whole information about the object status is transmitted, that provides reliable operation of WDTS “Cupol” in case of a signal missing.

Transmitting from the monitored objects is performed at frequencies (single or several) in the range 146…174 MHz. The “Cupol” equipment performs operative tuning over the frequency in range ±3 MHz from the central frequency with help of the built-in software (“Cupol–4L”, “Cupol-TRS” is software tuned in range 146…174 MHz).

To provide operation in case of complex reception-transmission conditions, WDTS “Cupol” equipment uses optional retranslators “Cupol-4MP”. The retranslator executives also the object equipment functions, i.e. can be installed on a monitored object. The signal can be multi-retranslated that increases the operation radius of the system. The retranslation is made at a single frequency or with transferring to another one. It is possible simultaneous using of several routes of the information delivery from monitored objects that rapidly increases the system.

The device “Cupol-GSM” is intended for joint operation with object control panels “Cupol” and provides information transmitting to CSC, using GSM cellular network (data transmitting over the GPRS). The connection channel over the GSM network is used as duplicating relatively of the main connection channel with CSC.

CSC of the “Cupol” system is hardware-software set based on IBM compatible computer and digital receivers “Cupol-DR”. The digital receiver is performed the radiosignal reception and preprocessing. One receiver serves one frequency channel.

While using GSM (GPRS) channel, CSC should have non-breakable internet connection with the static IP address realized on ADSL, ISDN, Ethernet bases etc…

At the large number of monitored objects, it is possible their parting between several operators, at this, CSC is built on base of several computers united in a local network.

System capacity Up to 2000 objects *)
System address capacity Up to 4096
Number of transmitted notifications Over 200
Data transmitting  
simplex From objects to CSC(equipment “Cupol-4L”, “Cupol-4”, “Cupol-16”, “Cupol-TRS”)
duplex Two-way communication between CSC and object (equipment “Cupol-4MP”, “Cupol-GSM”)
Signal coding Special with error correction
Radiochannel separation method between different objects Accidental access with time separation
Number of different systems “Cupol” working at one frequency Up to 127 systems (applied with code separation)
Operating frequency range, MHz 146…174
Signal modulation type F3D
Frequency set step, kHz 25
Frequency operative tuning range, MHz (with help of software for “Cupol-4L” the range is 146…174 MHz) ±3 from the central frequency
Number of simultaneously used frequency channels in system Up to 8
Connection quality checking permanent, at each connection seance with objects
Exchange duration over the radiochannel between the object and CSC, sec., or less 0,6
Number of signal retranslations from objects in system Up to 16
Operating frequency range GSM, MHz 900/850, 1800/1900

*) For object checking interval 5 min. Three operating frequencies. The time of notification delivery is 1 min max.


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