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Control panel “Cupol-16”

  • Checking 16 zones of fireguard alarm (FGA).
  • Support up to 4 partitions with independent setting/removal of guard mode.
  • Built-in Touch Memory controller.
  • One or multi-frequency operation capability in range 146-174MHz.
  • Antenna-feeder equipment efficiency continuous.
  • Compatible operation with devices “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-16T”, “Cupol-GSM”.
  • Programming with help of PS-24 programmer.

The control panel “Cupol-16” is intended to check 16 zones of fireguard alarm (FGA). The operation is performed in autonomous mode with supplying sound and light signals and simultaneous transmitting the notifications over the radiochannel to the centralized supervisor console (CSC).

The device provides guarding up to 4 objects with independent setting/removal of the guard mode.

Main application is centralized or autonomous guarding of the objects.

The control panel realizes the notification reception by means of measuring and checking the resistance value of FGA zone. As sensors inserted in FGA zone, guard and fire sensors of electro-contact type with relay output and sensors with feeding over the cable can be used.

The following communication channels can be used for transmitting information to CSC:

  1. Radiochannel.
    Built-in transmitter with one or multi frequency operation capability in range 146-174 MHz.
  2. GSM channel (GPRS).
    Information from the control panel is transmitted over the wire line RS485 to “Cupol-GSM”, which collects, processes and transmits notifications over the GSM (GPRS) channel to CSC.

Up to 32 control panels “Cupol-3”, up to 16 control panels “Cupol-16T” and up to 4 control panels “Cupol-16” can be connected to the control panel “Cupol-16” over one wire line RS485. At this type of connection “Cupol-16” is a concentrator, which collects, processes and transmits information over the radiochannel to CSC.

The following information is transmitted over communication channels:

  • current time on the object (month, day, hour, minutes, seconds);
  • user code (up to 64 users including codes “quiet alarm”);
  • status of zones (current status of zone, type, pass/fail etc.);
  • violating zones described as zones with delay;
  • “alarm” button calling;
  • fire alarm on the object;
  • power supply mode (main power supply, reserve accumulator discharge level, work condition of connected UPS and so on);
  • antenna-feeder equipment and transmitter work condition;
  • equipment unauthorized opening event;
  • user information addressed to CSC dispatcher;
  • current state information about the object (guard/on duty mode, violation zone events while interval guarding, excluded zones and so on).

While ether transmitting, the special coding and information integrity checking is performed that allows to provide high interference protection and large operation radius of the system, protecting from unauthorized access to the radiochannel.

The device provides zone status checking by means of measuring its resistance value. While mounting on the object, devices are automatically calibrated under the appropriated zone resistance and terminating resistors. Total zone resistance and terminating resistor should be in range 0, 5…5 kOhm.

The control panel has an event book, which stores up to 500 last events caused with the object.

The control panel allows to:

  • Check the status of zones;
  • Make the calibration of inputs;
  • Set and delete codes of user electronic keys;
  • Check the antenna-feeder section;
  • Make setting/removing the guarding mode;

Programming of the control panel is possible after connection with the computer under appropriate software control.

The control panel is transmitted the information over three channels: a telemetric channel, duplicating channel and alarm channel. The telemetric channel is a main guard channel. It transmits alarm notifications, events and telemetric guard information. The duplicating channel performs transmitting alarm notifications and events and does not transmit telemetric information.

Support of the following zone types:

  • fast zone (transmitting the alarm notifications performs immediately after zone violating);
  • zone with delay (transmitting the alarm notifications performs in specified time interval after zone violating);
  • inner zone (transmitting the alarm notifications performs immediately after zone violating or in specified time interval if zones with delay were violated before);
  • round-clock zone (guard round-clock zone, independent of the whole object guarding, immediate transmitting the alarm notification);
  • fire zone (priority transmitting of fire alarm notification).

The equipment operates in the round-clock mode, the operating temperature is +5 °C to +40 °C, the relative humidity is up to 93% (at 40 °C).

Number of FGA zones “Cupol-16” 16
Number of supported partitions, max 4
Number of notifications, over 200
Total resistance of zone with terminating resistor, kOhm 0,5…5
Time reaction of control panel after any zone violating (program specified with step 50 ms separately for each zone) 50 ms…60 s
Alarm notification time delay after zone violating (program specified with step 1 s separately for each zone), s 1…255
Zone measuring current, mA, or less 1
Electronic key types (w/o auxiliary equipment) DALLAS DS199X
Number of control outputs 5
…from them switching relay contact 1
…from them open collector type 4
Number of programmed functions for each output 49
Control panel output power at 50 Ohm load, W:  
Power level 1 5±2
Power level 2 2±1
Operating frequency range, MHz 146…174
Signal modulation type 16K0F2D
Frequency step resolution, kHz 25
Operative offset frequency range, MHz ±3 from the central frequency
Max deviation of control panel transmitter frequency, kHz 5
Transmitter emission frequency bandwidth at minus 30 dB level, kHz, or less 16.8
Transmitter emission level in adjacent channel, uW, or less 2.5
Transmitter spurious level, uW, or less 2.5
Transmitter frequency deviation from nominal value, or less 10*10-6
Antenna connector BNC
Communication interface RS-285, RS-485
Max number of simultaneous used frequency channels 3
Information transmitting period over the radiochannel, min (or in case of object event) 1…255
Information transmitting time over the radiochannel, s, or less 0.6
Current consumption from the source +12 V (while operating voltage +12 V), A, or less 2.2
Current consumption in case of transmitting absence, mA, or less 200
Dimension, mm, approx 160x130x45
Weight, kg, approx 0.4

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