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  • Increases operation radius and reliability of WDTS “Cupol”.
  • Performs routing of the retranslated information packets from objects.
  • Ensures level measuring of the received signals with further transmitting them to CSC.
  • Operates as an object control panel.
  • Possible to operate together with control panels “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-16T”, “Cupol-GSM” over the RS485 interface.

The retransmitter “Cupol-4MP” is intended for routing of information packets received over the radiochannel from object control panels “Cupol-4”, “Cupol-4L”, “Cupol-16”, “Cupol-TRS” and information packets received over the RS485 interface from control panels “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-16T”.

The device performs retranslating transmitted information packets (notifications) to a receiver over the specified routes. The retransmitter supports up to 512 receivers and up to 4 alternative routes for each receiver. Transmitting of the translated packets can be performed as over the radiochannel as over the wire line RS485.

The main application is a centralized or autonomous object guarding.

The retransmitter “Cupol-4MP” supports operation by two protocols: the protocol without confirmation and the protocol with confirmation (quitting, while operating with “Cupol-4MP”).

While information transmitting to receiver, the following communication channel can be used:

  1. Radiochannel.
    The information from an object control panel is transmitted to a receiver over the radiochannel according to a specified route.
  2. GSM (GPRS) channel.
    The retranslated information according to a specified route is transmitted over the wire line RS485 to “Cupol-GSM”, which performs the notification transmission over the GSM (GPRS).
  3. Wire line RS485.
    The retranslated information according to a specified route is transmitted over the wire line RS485 direct to PC with appropriate software through the matching device “USB-485”.

While using the protocol with confirmation, in case of non-receiving the receipt from the receiver, the retransmitter moves to one of alternative routes to this receiver.

The retransmitter “Cupol-4MP” supports up to 256 local objects, at this, the retransmitter spies the communication channel status with each object and can (optional) leave telemetric information out for reducing the traffic cost. In case of connection violation with the object, the retransmitter transmits appropriate information notifications to CSC.

The retransmitter “Cupol-4MP” collects statistics from all “visible” objects, which compose the system “Cupol”. While receiving of each information packet over the radiochannel, the signal levels and noise levels are measured and averaged, number of received packets from each object are averaged per one hour. Statistics of all objects are stored into the retransmitter memory and available for reading.

Up to 32 devices “Cupol-3”, 16 devices “Cupol-16T” and 4 object control panels can be connected to Cupol-4MP over the wire line RS485.

The operation with the retransmitter is performed with help of the object control panel. The command menu, entered parameters and other information are shown in on a two-line symbolic display.

The equipment is operated in round-clock mode at environment temperature from plus 5 °C to plus 40 °C and relative air humidity up to 93% (at 40 °C).

Operating frequency range, MHz 146…174
Total number of notifications, over 500
Output power of the control panel on loading 50 Ohm, W 5±2
Emission type 16K0F2D
Frequency step resolution, kHz 12.5
Operating frequency range offset, MHz ±3 from the central frequency
Max deviation of control panel transmitter frequency, kHz 5
Transmitter emission frequency bandwidth at minus 30 dB level, kHz, or less 16.8
Transmitter emission level in adjacent channel, uW, or less 2.5
Transmitter spurious emission level, uW, or less 2.5
Transmitter frequency deviation from nominal value, or less 10*10-6.
Antenna connector type UHF
Max number of simultaneous used frequency channels 3
Information transmitting period over the radiochannel (or by event on the object), min 1…255
Receiver sensitivity while the signal/noise ratio 12 dB, or less, uV 0.5
Information transmitting time over the radiochannel, s, or less 0.6
Device receiver selectivity over the adjacent channel while the difference between channel central frequencies 25 kHz, not less, dB 80
Receiver selectivity over the non-adjacent reception channels, not less, dB 80
Device receiver intermodulation selectivity, not less, dB 70
Current consumption from the source +12 V (while operating voltage +12 V), A, or less 2.2
while transmitting absence, mA, or less 200
Communication interface RS232, RS485
Operating voltage, V 10.5…14.4
Dimension, mm, approx 255x220x70
Weight, kg, approx 1.5

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