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Control panel “Cupol-А”

  • User operating frequency tuning capability.
  • Multi-frequency operation capability.
  • Antenna-feeder equipment efficiency continuous checking.
  • High output power.
  • Protection from non-standard operation (short, antenna disconnection, wrong polarity of power supply and so on).
  • Width operating temperature range.
  • Small dimension and light weight.

The control panel «Cupol-A» is mounted on a car and intended for its coordinate defining and transmitting over the radio channel to the centralized supervision console (CSC).

The device is intended for join operation with the control panel «Cupol-GPS» in composition of «Cupol» system.

Programming the «Cupol-A» device is made with help of a computer with appropriate software via the matching device «USB-485».

The device feeding is made form the DC source 12 V (the car side net).

Control panel operating frequency range, MHz 146…174
Operative offset frequency range with help of software, MHz 146…174
Frequency step resolution, kHz 12,5
Emission level 16K0F2D
Control panel output power at 50 Ohm load, W 5±2
Transmitter emission frequency bandwidth at minus 30 dB level, kHz, or less 16.8
Antenna connector type BNC
Output power level and antenna match checking at each seance
Max number of simultaneous used frequency channels 8
Information transmitting period over the radio channel (or while information transmitting over RS-485), min 1…255
Operating voltage, DC source, V 10.5–14.2
Power consumption from DC source, W, or less 25
Operation conditions:  
Operating temperature range minus 20 °C to plus 40 °C
In case of special design minus 40 °C to plus 40 °C
Relative humidity up to 93% at 40 °C
Dimension, mm, approx 160x130x45
Weight, kg, approx 0.4

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