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Digital receiver “Cupol-DR”

  • Computer communication over RS232 or USB interfaces.
  • High sensitivity and overloading.
  • Frequency tuning with help of software.
  • Built-in function of reception signal and interference level measurement.
  • Radio ether listening feature be means built-in loud speaker.
  • Threshold noise suppression control.
  • Programming notifications filter.
  • Built-in notifications flash memory.

The digital receiver “Cupol-DR” is intended for using in a wireless data transmit system “Cupol”. It is used in a composition of the centralized supervisor console based on IBM compatible computer. Provides the antenna signal reception, signal demodulation, signal digital processing.

Operating frequency range, MHz 146…174
Number of serviced frequency channels 1
Operation frequency tuning range, MHz ±3
Frequency step resolution, kHz 25
Receiver frequency deviation from nominal value, or less 10*10-6
Antenna connector type UHF
Receiver sensitivity at the signal/noise ration 12 dB, µV, or less 0.5
Receiver selectivity in adjacent channel at the distance between channels 25 kHz, dB, not less 80
Receiver selectivity in side channels, dB, not less 80
Receiver intermodulation selectivity, dB,not less 70
Communication channel with computer RS232, DSUB-25 connector
Communication channel speed, bps 19200
Communication protocol with computer Hayes compatible
Receiver flash memory capacity Up to 500 notifications from objects
Operating voltage, V 10.5…14.4
Current consumption, mA, or less 200
Dimensions, mm, approx 255x220x70
Weight, kg, approx 1.4

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