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Control panel “Cupol-GPS”

  • Control panel “Cupol-GPS” is mounted on a mobile object and intended for definition of the mobile object location and transmission of its coordinates to the centralized supervision console over the GSM (GPRS) or radio channel.
  • Device is intended for exploitation with control panels “Cupol-GSM”, “Cupol-A” in composition of “Cupol” system.
  • Operation over the RS485 wire line.
  • Outer antenna included.
  • Feeding over the RS485 communication line.
  • Small dimension and light weight.
Communication interface with control panel RS485
RS485 interface connector TP6P4C (RJ12)
Coordinate location accuracy, m, or better 100
Warm up time (coordinate transmission start to SCS) after “power-on”, sec, or less 20
Coordinate transmission period to CSC, programmed:  
over the time, min 1…255
over the distance, m 50…250
Feeding voltage over the RS485 interface, V 5…15
Current consumption, mA, max 80
Satellite capture time:  
Disappearance and tuning, sec 1
Hot start, sec 3
Warm start, sec 32
Cold start, sec 60
First “ON” Not defined
Operating temperature range, °C -25…+30
Dimension, mm, approx 90×50×24
Weight, kg, approx 0,15

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