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Control panel “Cupol-GSM”

  • Operation in network GSM 900/850 MHz and 1800/1900 MHz
  • GPRS class 10 support
  • Outer GSM antenna connection feature
  • RS485 wire line communication support
  • Compatible operation with control panels “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-16T”, “Cupol-GPS”
  • Feeding over communication line RS485
  • Small case and light weight

The control panel “Cupol-GSM” is intended for collecting, processing the information received over RS485 communication line and transmitting processed information over GSM communication channel (TCP/IP protocol) to the centralized supervisor console (CSC).

The device is used in compositions of “Cupol” system. Allows to extend a system functionality by application of additional communication channels.

The device can be operate over RS485 communication channel together with up to 32 devices “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-GPS”, “Cupol-16T”.

While transmitting over the GSM communication channel, the coding and information checking of transmitted information are made.

The device programming is possible only while connecting over adapter “USB-485” with a personal computer having corresponding software.

The equipment is designed for round-clock operation at the environment temperature from minus 25 °C to plus 40 °C and relative air humidity up to 75% (at 30 °C).

Communication interface with control panelsRS485
RS485 interface connector typeTP6P4C (RJ12)
Outer antenna connectorSMA
Data transmitting in GSM networkGPRS class 10
Operating voltage, V5…15
Current consumption, A, or less1
Dimensions, mm, approx90×50×24
Weight, kg, approx0,2

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