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Control panel “Cupol-TRS”

  • Operation at one or several frequencies in range 146-174 MHz
  • RS485 interface support
  • Continuous checking the antenna-feeder equipment
  • Compatible operation with devices “Cupol-3”, “Cupol-16T”, “Cupol-GSM”
  • Built-in back-UPS 12 V 1.5 A
  • Inside accumulator up to 7A/h

The control panel “Cupol-TRS” is intended for collecting, processing information received over RS485 interface and post-transmitting over the radiochannel to the centralized supervision console.

The device is used in a composition of the system “Cupol”. Allows to extend the system functionality.

Up to 32 devices “Cupol-3”, 16 devices “Cupol-16T” can be connected to “Cupol-TRS” by RS485 interface.

The control panel has built-in back-UPS for feeding users connected to it. Back-UPS has built-in overloading and wrong polarity protection. The control panel provides remote devices by +12V feeding over RS485 interface.

While transmitting over the radiochannel, the error coding and transmitted information checking are made, that allows to provide high spurious and unauthorized access protection of the radiochannel.

The device programming is made with help of PS-24 programmer or a personal computer.

PS-24 programmer allows to:

  • Check the antenna-feeder section status;
  • Test the control panel.

To program all parameters of the device, the personal computer with according software must be connected to the device.

The equipment is designed for round-clock operation at environment temperature from plus 5 °C to plus 40 °C and air relative humidity up to 93% (at 40 °C).

Operating frequency range, MHz146…174
Operation tuning frequency range with help of software, MHz146…174
Information input/output devicePS-24 programmer
Frequency resolution step, kHz12.5
Emission level16K0F2D
Output power of the control panel at 50 Ohm load, W5±2
Connection interface with other control panelsRS485
Auxiliary supply voltage, V10.5…14.2
Summary current over all outputs, A, max1.5
Max deviation of control panel transmitter frequency, kHz5
Transmitter emission frequency bandwidth at minus 30 dB level, kHz, or less16.8
Transmitter emission level in adjacent channel, uW, or less2.5
Transmitter spurious level of control panel, uW, or less2.5
Transmitter frequency deviation of control panel from nominal value, or less10*10-6
Antenna connector typeBNC
Output power level and antenna match checkingat each seance
Max number of simultaneous used frequency channels8
Information transmitting period over the radiochannel, min1…255
Primary operating voltage220+10% -15% V 50 Hz.
Power consumption for AC source, W, or less50
Inside accumulator battery type12 V 7A/h
Inside accumulator charging time, h, or less14
Dimension, mm, approx280x210x110
Weight w/o inside accumulator battery, kg, approx1.4

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