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Centralized supervision console software

  • Software “Cupol-16PO” is intended for realization a centralized supervision console (CSC) of wireless data transmit system (WTDS) “Cupol” based on “Cupol-16” equipment.
  • CSC “Cupol” allows to organize centralized guarding the remote non-phoned objects and perform collecting the telemetric information.
  • Besides, CSC operates as a console of a fire guarding.
  • Software is designed as special program modules collection, working in close interaction. This way provides flexibility, system clearance, growing easiness.
  • “Cupol-16PO” is developed to work for computer system contained from one or several computers united into local computing network, based on TCP/IP.
  • Software operates under control of operation systems WINDOWS 95, 98, 98ME, WINDOWS NT and WINDOWS 2000.

“Cupol” system feature:

Guarding of large number of objects
The system can operate with large number of objects. It is possible to separate all guarded objects between several simultaneous operated dispatchers. Number of dispatcher work places and administrators is limited by a local network performance only.

Complete information about the objects
Software provides complete information about the objects, status of object control panels (object equipments) and object events. Event notifications and statuses are accumulated into the archive for the further analysis and printing..

Guard partition support
CSC allows to operate with objects, which have several guard partition. Each guard partition is processed as a self-independent guard unit.

System configuration change easiness
SCS has flexible easy growing structure. The administrator can change object parameters without system halt, add a new dispatcher or perform any configuration change. The administrator can change the configuration by any computer of a network.

Using the geo-information technology
The system uses GIS and GPS technologies. Guarded objects can be displayed on a vector locality map. Mounting of the “Cupol-GPS” object devices system on mobile objects allows to observe their movements on the map. Mobile objects movements are stored into the archive for their further viewing.

Extended checking of object technical status
CSC has a remote control feature to check the object technical status and signal spreading quality. All technical status changes are registered and accumulated into the archive.

Quick reaction group control
Ensured the total control of quick reaction groups; watching the status, group location, its start time registration; arriving, reporting. All changes of group status are registered for the further analysis.

Control the alarm situation
The dispatcher at its working place has total information about alarm events occurring on guarded objects and performs their processing, sends and coordinates quick reaction groups, technical personnel. Dispatcher actions are registered and stored into the archive for the further analysis.

Differentiation of user access
The SCS user is registered into the guard system and receives rights for information viewing in volume defined by its level access. Only the administrator of the guard system has rights to change the guard system configuration. The dispatcher at its working place can not influence on other dispatcher work and violate the guard system operation on the whole.

All events coming from objects, their status changes, alarm situations processing, interaction with groups and other changes are accumulated by CSC for the further viewing and analysis. The flexible subsystem of reporting allows to form report documents about system operation during specified time period and filter with defined criterion.


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