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Mobile object monitoring system “Cupol-Zenit”

  • Flexible, easy growing network structure
  • Operation small expenses
  • Serving up to ten independent groups of transport (companies). Dispatcher of each group sees information about his checking objects only
  • Remote work place with connecting by Internet
  • Wide instrument collection for checking the technical condition of transmission channel, performance system analysis


The system is intended for checking the mobile objects in real time. Main applications: public transport and taxi, build and communal transport, trucks, emergency services.

Theory of operation

The control panel is mounted on each mobile object and performs geographical coordinates location, direction and movement speed with help of satellite global positioning systems (GPS). The board equipment checks the status of different sensors, mounted on the mobile object (fuel level, temperature, open/lock doors etc).

The control panel transmits this information to the dispatcher console via GSM (GPRS) communication channel and/or the radio network “Cupol”, where the system operator at its work place observes mobile object locations on the locality map in real time mode, tracks their status and controls different executive devices mounted on the object (engine failure imitator, fire guard equipment, alarm hooter etc).

“Cupol-Zenit” system configuration version

  1. GSM (GPRS) channel

    CSC equipment set:

    • IBM compatible computer with installed software “Cupol-Zenit” and permanent connection to Internet

    Mobile object equipment set:

  2. Radio channel (146-174MHz.)

    CSC Cupol equipment set:

    Mobile object equipment set:

System allows to:

  • Track the mobile object locations on the locality map in real time mode;
  • Perform recording the transport movements, its motion parameters, board sensor readings;
  • Perform calculating the transport route;
  • Record overspeed cases in real time, serviced area exits, motion schedule accuracy;
  • Check recorded route information, print and analysis;
  • Play recorded routes in accelerate time scale for defined period;
  • Perform transport guarding, freight checking;
  • Control different executive devices mounted on the object.
  • Perform joint operation with the standard board alarm system.

The software can use two formats of the locality map: MapInfo and Ingit.


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