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Converter UHF/VHF 15V10

  KV UHF/VHF 15v10
Gain, dB, or better 15
Noise figure, dB, or less 9
Manual gain control, dB, or better 20
Level deviation for frequency range, dB, or less 1.5
Output level at IMA III(c) - 54dB, dBµV, or better 110
Selectivity on the nearest non-adjacent channel inside of TV range, dB, or better 25
Mirror channel selectivity, dB, or better 57
Spurious frequency output level, dB, or less −57
Power consuption, W, or less 7
Operating voltage, V, Hz 220 (+10−15%), 50
Dimension, mm 120x110x40
Weight, kg 0,4

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