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  • Head-end modules are made as fix channel modules under customer’s demand such as programmable modules
  • High selectivity of channel amplifiers and converters
  • High linearity and noise-immunity of head-end inputs
  • 30dB-depth automatic gain control (AGC)
  • High reliability of the head-end is provided by modern electronic components
  • High selective converters allow to adjacent channel working while input level differences between any one and the nearest adjacent channels at least 40 dB
  • 2/3/4/8-input combiners are used to divide and sum input signals
  • Combiners allow the manual tuning of the signal level
  • Built-in output combiner –30 dB test port
  • Head-end is designed for round-the-clock working
  • “F”-type input/output connectors
  • SG24 modulators match with the conditional access system for terrestrial analogue broadcasting of “Cripton” company

Due to the wide spectrum of amplifiers, converters, modulators, head-end SG24 is practically applicable under any customer’s demands. Module construction allows to increase the number of channels easily. Below, some versions of SG24 for different demands are shown.

Channels modules are set on the main frame (up to 8 channels) together with power supplies and combiners. If the number of channels is more than 8, can be used two or more main frames. Main frames are made as for the wall fastening such as for the rack mounting (19”).

Structure schematic of 8-channel head-end SG24.

Fig.1 Structure schematic of 8-channel head-end SG24

PLANAR company produces converters as with a single such as a double frequency transformation. Converters with a single transformation are recommended to use in small number of channel systems. They provide high quality reception of TV signals while the level difference between two non-adjacent channels is 28 dB or less. Single transformation converters do not allow to realize all input to output channel combinations.

Double transformation converters have the highest selectivity to provide the adjacent channel working. They allow to perform the high quality reception of TV signals while the level difference between two non-adjacent channels is up to 40 dB. Besides, they allow to realize any input to output combinations including adjacent channels.

While using a programmable converter, it is necessary to know that TV tuner is used on the converter input. The selectivity of input TV tuner is worse that the selectivity of the channel filter used in a fixed channel converter. So we do not recommend to use programmable converters while the large signal level difference in adjacent channels.


RF signal to non-weighted noise ratio inside of 5.75 MHz band, dB, or better 60
Output level per each channel (depends on configuration), dB, µV 98-118
AGC, dB, or better 30
Selectivity on the nearest non-adjacent channel inside of TV range, dB, or better 70/50/40
Mirror channel selectivity (for converters), dB, or better 65
Spurious frequency output level, dBc, or less -65
Level deviation, dB, or less 1,5
Image carrier deviation at unstability ±2x10-5 for operating temperature, kHz, or less 20
Operating voltage, V 220 (+10 -15%) 50Hz
Environment condition:
temperature, °C 0+50
relative humidity at 25 °C, % до 80
atmospheric pressure, kPa 86-106
Dimensions, mm
4-channel version 284x250x155
6-channel version 372x250x155
8-channel version 460x250x155
Weight, kg:
4-channel version 3
6-channel version 3.6
8-channel version 3.9

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