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Converters and channel digital amplifiers

Converters are intended for the frequency transormation of DVG C DUB T diaital radiosignal. They contain pass band filters, two SAW filters, mixers, quartz heterodynes, an amplifier, AGC system. Converters, s based on connerters with Additonal SAW filter.

Type Converter KV-56A18TS
Amplifier K-56A18TS
Input level, dBµV 52-82
Output level, dBµV 108
Gain, or better 56
Noise figure, dB, or less 9
Heterodyne noise figure for frequency offset 100kHz, dBc/Hz, or less 105
Output level deviation for input level 52-82 dBµV, or less + 1
Bandwidth at – 3 dB level, MHz, not less 7,65
Mirror channel selectivity, dB, or better 65
Spurious frequency output level, dBc, or better 65
Flatness, dB, or less 1,5
Operating voltage, V 12±0,5
Current consumption, A, or less 0,32

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