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IT-082 firmware changes log

it082c_build_120528.bsk2 from 28.05.2012
Operating system: v1.2.0.7
Application: v1.2.0.2

  • Initial firmware release. The following modes are not available: Dual LNB Dish Alignment Mode, Transponder scan mode and DiSEqC Commander Mode

it082c_build_120529.bsk2 from 29.05.2012
Operating system: v1.2.0.7
Application: v1.2.0.3

  • Software version compatibility bug fixed

it082c_build_120621.bsk2 from 21.06.2012

Operating system: v1.2.0.7

Application: v1.2.0.4

  • Transponder scan mode added
  • Some non-critical bugs fixed

it082c_build_140127.bsk2 from 27.01.2014
Operating system: v1.2.0.14
Application: v1.2.0.7

  • Added support of base module MB-08 hardware modification 2
  • Regional settings menu. Incorrect date format indication bug fixed (for the very first option): indicated - "MM.DD.YY", has to be - "MM/DD/YY"
  • Automatic display backlight switching off functionality improved. Backlight is always switched on, operating with external power on
  • Dual LNB dish alignment mode added
  • DiSEqC control mode added
  • Added support for switches DiSEqc 1.1 and TuneBurst
  • Added the possibility to control positioner in measurement modes
  • In the channel list mode added output information about streams and coding systems
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed

it082c_build_140901.bsk2 from 03.09.2014
Operating system: v1.2.0.16
Application: v1.2.0.9

  • PC operating mode bug fixed: in rare cases there may be loss of connection with the device
  • Non-critical bugs fixed

it082c_build_150630.bsk2 from 30.06.2015
Operating system: v1.2.0.17
Application: v1.2.0.10

  • Spectrum file renaming bug fixed
  • Non-critical bugs fixed

it082c_build_151204.bsk2 from 04.12.2015
Operating system: v1.2.0.18
Application: v1.2.0.11

  • Base Unit with hardware version 02.80.03 supporting added
  • Transponder marks displaying improved in spectrum mode

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