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ItToolsSatellite08C changes log

v1.1.3 21.08.2014

  • fixed switching to LNB2 bug: after selecting LNB2, it settings is wrong

v1.1.2 31.01.2014

  • added switch input setting in LNB editor
  • fixed bug displaying LNB2 setting for created in device LNB page
  • fixed reading channels table bug: for tables with more 30 channels

v1.1.1 11.10.2013

  • fixed bug deleting satellites and transponders

v1.1.0 04.10.2013

  • added support IT-083

v1.0.7 05.04.2013

  • fixed error of select spectrum bands
  • fixed error of select LO with numbers 3 and 4
  • added check LO frequency values in LNB editor
  • improved spectrum graphics
  • set english language by default.

v1.0.6 21.11.2012

  • changed reading algorithm channels table
  • added support Windows 8

v1.0.5 01.10.2012

  • added measurements noise margin and C/N
  • added additional information about channels
  • fixed bug setting count converters in to LNB profiles

v1.0.4 05.06.2012

  • added save level and additional information in the data log of the measurement
  • fixed error removal of satellites
  • fixed other minor bugs.

v1.0.3 02.05.2012

  • first release

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