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IT-089 firmware changes log

it089_build_151013.bsk2 from 13.10.2015
Operating system: v1.2.0.18
Application: v1.0.0.5

  • Base Unit with hardware version 02.80.03 supporting added

it089_build_141126.bsk2 from 26.11.2014
Operating system: v1.2.0.17
Application: v1.0.0.5

  • Level spurs fixed at frequencies, MHz: 56,625, 101,625, 104,000, 104,500, 123,375, 245,250, 624,000, 676,000, 727,875, 728,000, 728,125, 731,625, 732,375
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed

it089_build_140507.bsk2 from 07.05.2014
Operating system: v1.2.0.15
Application: v1.0.0.4

  • DVB-T2 channel MER measurement algorithm changed: MER accuracy increased in the long term echo reception conditions
  • DVB-T2 channel MER measurement bug fixed: MER value is too low for channel with FFT size 32k and extended carriers mode enabled when it is located in some frequency ranges (MER<10dB @SNR>35dB)
  • DVB-T2 channel MER measurement range changed: 4…35 dB for QPSK, 10…35 dB for QAM16, 16…35 dB for QAM64, 22…35 dB for QAM256
  • Limit plan. Minimum allowable MER for DVB-T2 channel setting range changed: 4…35 dB for QPSK, 10…35 dB for QAM16, 16…35 dB for QAM64, 22…35 dB for QAM256
  • MER/BER, echo diagram. MER measuring during echo diagram measuring is disabled due to the new MER measuring algorithm requirements
  • Level measurement bug fixed: signal level has an addition inaccuracy if measured around 80 and 100 dBuV and the ambient temperature is 10 degrees Celsius or lower
  • PC operating mode bug fixed: in rare cases there may be loss of connection with the device
  • Self-test mode bug fixed: in rare cases the warning of removable module malfunction may appear even if the Analyzer functions properly
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed.

NOTE! MER measuring duration for PLP streams of DVB-T2 channel with low bitrate increased, and may run up to several seconds.

it089_build_140109.bsk2 from 09.01.2014
Operating system: v1.2.0.14
Application: v1.0.0.3

  • Initial revision

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