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IT-12 change notes

v12.2.2.12 of 05.10.2017

  • Non-critical bugs fixed


v12.2.2.11 of 10.03.2015

  • Non-critical bugs fixed


v12.2.2.9 from 22.01.2015

  • USB connection on Win 8.1 bug fixed
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed


v12.2.2.6 from 19.07.2013

  • Added additional span of the spectrum. For devices hardware version 6 and later added 100, 200, 500 MHz. For other modification, added 500 MHz
  • Added ability to view the spectrum in the 900 ... 2650 MHz
  • Working with additional span of the spectrum available in the program ItToolsSatellite version 1.13 and above


v12.2.2.5 from 15.10.2012

  • Algorithm of receiving service information has been improved
  • Audio Indicator has been changed. Now it is using the pulse repetition frequency for indication
  • Main menu and interface of measurement modes has been improved
  • Navigation in data log modes has been improved (keys < and > can be used to scroll up and down through the pages)
  • Correct work only with ItToolsSatellite v1.11


v12.2.1.0 from 3.05.2011

  • Initial release

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