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IT-15T DVB-T Signal Analyzer

IT-15T DVB-T signal analyzer
General Features:
  • Compact handheld design (dimensions: 193x94x53 mm)
  • Lightweight (weight with the battery up to 0.5 kg)
  • Ergonomic housing design with protective bag
  • Favorable price
  • USB interface for PC connection
  • Firmware update by the user
  • Non-volatile datalogs
  • 128x64 graphic LCD display with LED backlight
  • Powered by Li-ion battery
  • Battery charge or operation powered by 12V Mains Adapter or car lighter


  • Measured parameters:
    • for analog channels: channel level, V/A ratio, C/N ratio
    • for digital channels: channel power, C/N ratio, MER, preBER, postBER, erroneous packets after Reed-Solomon decoder counter
  • Measurement modes: Level, Full-Scan, Ripple, Spectrum, MER/BER, constellation and echo diagram
  • Automatic defining of the DVB-T channels modulation parameters
  • Non-volatile data logger: channel plans and measurements
  • Powering of antenna amplifier
  • Measuring of direct and alternating voltage of the remote power supply
  • ItToolsTerrestrial software for PC allows for:
    • operation in virtual instrument mode: measurement and display of channel parameters as a bar graph, spectrum analyzer, DVB-T signal reception quality parameters and constellation diagram
    • viewing, creating, editing, uploading onto the Analyzer and saving of the channel templates, channel plans, measurement logger pages
    • saving and printout of measurement reports
    • IT-15T firmware updating

Measurement frequency range
45…900 МHz
Frequency resolution
125 kHz
TV system
CCIR,OIRT and one customized
Level measurement range
30…120 dBuV
Level resolution
0.1 dB
Level measurement accuracy
±1.5 dB
COFDM-2k/8k modulation
Hierarchical modulation
α = 1, 2, 4
Code rate
1/2, 2/3, 3/4, 5/6, 7/8
BER measurement range
MER measurement range
14…35 dB
Battery life
3 hours
Amplifier power supply voltage
12V or 24V

Sample screen views
Level measurement mode
Full-Scan measurement mode
Level measurement mode
Full-Scan measurement mode
Ripple measuring mode
Spectrum measurement mode
Ripple measurement mode
Spectrum measurement mode
MER/BER measurement mode
Constellation diagram
MER/BER measurement modeConstellation diagram

ItToolsTerrestrial workspace
ItToolsTerrestrial workspace

ItToolsTerrestrial degital measurement

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