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CIU-003 changes log

v14.0.0.12 of 10.01.2020

  • Bug fixed: in some cases Analyzer could restart with fault if MPEG analysis is activated.


v14.0.0.11 of 23.03.2017

  • Trouble-free operating reliability improved: in case of long-term monitoring device may lost connection or reach a deadlock sometimes
  • DVB-C and DVB-T MER/BER performance inproved for channels with central frequency in MHz: 538.0, 586.0


v14.0.0.10 of 30.06.2015

  • SNR performance improved: feature of automatic noise measurement frequency detecting implemented. To switch option on set "auto" flag for channel in channel plan instead of defining noise measurement frequency offset manually
  • SNR performance improved: measurement precision under bad input level flatness improved
  • SNR performance improved: measurement results averaging implemented, which lead to measured results deviation decreasing
  • SNR performance improved: measurement range extended to 48 dB
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed.

For automatical noise measurement frequency detecting switching on update ViewRSA software to the version 2.1.19 or higher.
Analog modulated channel measurement time is increased up to 1 sec.

v14.0.0.8 of 17.03.2015

  • Trouble-free operating reliability improved: in case of long-term monitoring device may restart or reach a deadlock sometimes
  • SNMP operating error fixed: memory error may appear in rare cases
  • Device configuring console error fixed: redundant information may appear on the screen during the measuring

NOTE! When the device automatically restarts on unknown fault, it forms the technical report and save it to the non-volatile memory. The report can be saved to file with ViewRSA software (v2.1.18 or higher) clicking on the corresponding message in the "Log" tab. It can help manufacturer to analyze and fix the fault in the shortest possible time.


v14.0.0.7 from 14.02.2013

  • CIU-003 hardware modification 2.14.2 support added: analog channel audio broadcasting (mono) monitoring implemented


v14.0.0.6 from 12.10.2012

  • TCP connection attempts time interval increased to 5 sec
  • BER measurement results limit at 1.0E-9

v14.0.0.5 from 07.08.2012

  • LAN connection functionality improved: it is possible to work in distributed networks with NAT (Network Address Translation), with setting ViewRSA server IP-address and port (command "set server" in configuration terminal)

v14.0.0.4 from 12.07.2012

  • Initial revision


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