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ITM-18 TV Remote Service Analyzer

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ITM-18 TV Remote Service Analyzer is designed for measurement of TV channel parameters and transmission of measurement results to a remote PC using TCP/IP local area network. The Analyzer is used in the cable TV networks for the purposes of continuous automatic monitoring of signal parameters.

  • level measurements for analog channels
  • Level, MER and BER measurements for ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C, including DVB-C standard channels
  • Channel plan operation
  • Measurement results storage in non-volatile data logger
  • ViewRSA Software allows operating up to 100 analyzers simultaneously, storing measurement results in the data logger, real-time displaying of the measurement process, checking measurement results automatically against user-defined limit plans, displaying measurement results history in graphical and table formats
  • Web-browser provides for access to ViewRSA software compatible with CIU-00X Series Analyzers
  • Firmware updating and network interface setting via Ethernet port

Monitoring systems

Operating ViewRSA monitoring system:

  • measurement results reading and saving to data base
  • real-time display of measurement process
  • automatic measurement results checking against user-defined limit plans
  • error notification system: visual, sound alarm, e-mailing, executing user-defined applications
  • viewing measurement results history in tables and graphs
  • built-in WEB-browser for remote access to program

Operating monitoring systems via SNMPv1 protocol:

  • channel plan and limit plan setting
  • measurement process control (start, stop, measurement interval setting)
  • sending traps with information on channel errors
  • traps can be sent to several SNMP-agents
  • real-time display of measurement results
Operating frequency range
45 to 1000 MHz
Frequency resolution
125 kHz
Level measurement range
30 to 90 dBµV
Level measurement accuracy
2 dB
Analog channel level measurement time, less than
500 ms
Digital channel level measurement time, less than
100 ms
ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C, including DVB-C Analyzer
Channel modulation types
QAM64, 128, 256 / ITU-T J.83 Annex A/B/C
Symbol rate
5 to 7 Msps
MER measurement range
22 to 42 dB
BER measurement range
5,0x10-3 to 1,0x10-8
MER measurement accuracy
2 dB
MER, BER measurement time including synchronization, less than
15 s
General parameters
Power supply
50 Hz / 220 VAC
Power consumption
1.5 W
Operating temperature range
0…+50 0С
Input connector
75 Ohm, F-female
Control interface
164x45x80 mm

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