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ITM-18 changes log

v2.10.1.0 of 15.02.2018

  • added support for a new memory chip
  • fixed non-critical bugs


v2.9.0.0 of 05.06.2016

  • Digital channel level measurement bug fixed: level was measured with -1.8 dB inaccuracy


v2.8.0.0 of 17.10.2016

  • TCP/IP connection bug fixed: in some cases device connection with SNMP or ViewRSA monitoring system breaks during a long operating time. Connection could only be reestablished after rebooting the device
  • Hardware errors alarm bug fixed: the device generates Clock hardware error alarm in ViewRSA and SNMP trap on startup
  • WEB interface functionality improved: SNMP node 'testPointName' can be set in the device WEB-interface. Test point name is a description of the signal being monitored. You can see it in the SNMP 'testPointName' node and in the device WEB interface page header


v2.6.0.0 of 17.06.2016

  • fixed non-critical bugs


v2.5.0.0 of 19.05.2016

  • Level measurement bug fixed: in some cases signal with level of approximately 70 dBuV was measured with extra +10dB inaccuracy
  • DVB-C/QAM128 channels synchronization bug fixed: channels with central frequency higher than 700 MHz were failed to synchronize


v2.4.0.0 from 18.01.2016

  • Fixed error connection with the program ViewRSA, if the devices are on

  different subnets



v2.2.0.0 от 17.09.2015


  • Fixed level measurement in continuous operation
  • Fixed BER measurement on channels Annex B


v2.1.0.0 от 15.08.2015

  • Fixed periodic reboot
  • Increased the number of variables at the same time requested via SNMP



  • Initial revision

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