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ViewRSA changes log of 21.02.2022

  • Added support for the device ITM-20C alarm loop;
  • Various bugs fixed. of 16.08.2021

  • Added support for the ITM-20C device;
  • Various bugs fixed.


2.1.28 of 20.06.2019

  • Channels level diagramm is added to tab "Measurements": every bar display channel level, that is measuremented last time
  • Possibility select continuous measurement period is added
  • WEB interface bug is fixed: error detail information window was displayed incrrect


2.1.27 от 19.12.2017

  • Measurement timestamp bug fixed: time/date displayed incorrect for some timezones


2.1.26 of 13.12.2017

  • Command line parameters format for *.bat and *.cmd files changed: non-printable symbols replaced with printable ones(0xa -> "\n", 0xd -> "\r", 0x9 -> "\t")
  • ITM-18. Command line message bug fixed: in case MER check is disabled, BER fault message is incorrect
  • other non-critical bugs fixed


2.1.25 of 22.03.2017

  • Manufacturer server URL has changed to (for automatic software updating functionality)
  • Measurement results history view operating mode minor bugs fixed
  • ViewIt, ViewIt08C and ItToolsT2 channel plan importing bug fixed: importing may lead to creating new measurement period on reading channel plan from device.

ATTENTION! It is strongly recommended to update the Software. Otherwise automatic software updating functionality will become inaccessible after a time.

2.1.24 of 10.01.2017

  • ITM-18. Measurement results checking against limit plan bug fixed: MER and BER measurement results are checked incorrect


2.1.23 of 12.10.2016

  • Sending alarms via e-mail functionality improved: SSLv2, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 encryption protocols are supporting now; port 465 operates with implicitly encrypted connection only, whereas other ports tries to activate encryption with STARTTLS command. In case the command failed non-encrypted connection will be used


2.1.22 of 15.09.2016

  • CIU-002 device log bug fixed: device log was unavailable
  • Graphical history mode bug fixed: it was impossible to zoom plot by mouse for preBER/postBER trace


2.1.21 of 16.09.2015

  • measuremet results history mode improved: added possibility of viewing measurement result of particular channel of several devices in multi-trace graphical mode
  • measuremet results history mode improved: multi-trace graphs drawing speed optimized
  • other non-critical bugs fixed


2.1.20 of 07.08.2015

  • added the group control commands: start/stop measurements, change measurement interval, synchronize time, saving channel plan and saving channel templates
  • fixed the ITM-18 delete bug: the device channel plan, channel templates, measurements and log was not deleted
  • non critical bugs fixed


2.1.19 of 01.07.2015

  • CIU-002/003 channel plan: automatic noise frequency detecting option added
  • CIU-002/003 limit plan: "Min permissible carrier to noise ratio" parameter extended to 48 dB
  • ITM-18 channel plan: channel plan *.fpf files importing from ViewIT08C software implemented
  • Other non-critical bugs fixed


2.1.18 of 23.03.2015

  • added support ITM-18
  • added the ability to save the technical report about error. Only for devices that support saving the technical report
  • drawing the graph are improved


2.1.17 of 25.11.2014

  • fixed sound check bug: errors of sound not registered

2.1.16 of 21.11.2014

  • Added support SSL on send e-mail
  • Fixed the disconnect devices bug: application could crash, if often quick connect and disconnect devices
  • Changed the installation procedure

2.1.14 from 30.10.2014

  • DB fragmentation functionality added (see help)
  • WEB interface functionality improved: hardware errors detailed information added to device log page


2.1.13 of 03.09.2014


  • Added saving/loading devices list from file
  • Fixed hardware errors indication: logs tab caption not highlighted
  • Changed DB structure (only for data bases created in ViewRSA 2.1.13 and up). New structure compatible with previous versions ViewRSA and DB. Optimized work with history and errors
  • Fixed error disabling auto update ViewRSA: disable auto update was imposible


2.1.12 from 09.12.2013

  • Setting "Ask for confirmation of closing" added. If the box is checked, the program will request the user to confirm the exit at any attempt of closing the application. In case some other applications (e.g. in regular reboots of the server that runs ViewRSA) close the program, uncheck the box


2.1.11 from 22.05.2013

  • Fixed bug editing channels in demo mode. In the English version of the demo mode in some situations, when you try to edit/add channels displayed an error message


2.1.10 from 23.04.2013

  • Optimized work with plenty devices: increased speed of work
  • The maximum number of devices increased to 200


2.1.9 from 13.02.2013

  • Network interfaces detecting method changed: ViewRSA hangs-up during initialization on some PC
  • CIU-003 hardware modification 2.14.2 support added: analog channel audio broadcasting (mono) monitoring implemented
  • Channel plan manager graphical user interface improved: channels with individual limit plan and measurement schedule are marked with the icon in the channels table


2.1.8 from 08.11.2012

  • change GUI translation systems.

2.1.7 from 23.10.2012

  • change GUI translation systems

2.1.6 from 22.10.2012

  • fixed bug on demo mode

2.1.5 from 12.10.2012

  • added demo mode.

2.1.4 from 07.08.2012

  • fixed bugs on warning system

2.1.3 from 15.07.2012

  • first english release


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