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RFoG Optical Node

SUO 1000 (RFoG network node)

Key features:

  • Wide range of input optical power
  • System of automatic output power stabilization
  • High output level
  • Built-in equalizer
  • Compact die-cast housing
  • Modification (SUO1035) with UPS available

SUO1005/1035 Optical Nodes

are designed for operation in FTTH/FTTP networks, for example in RFoG networks. The Nodes allow sharing one optical fiber for reception and conversion of optical signal into RF signal in forward path, and conversion of RF signal into optical signal and its transmission in return path. The device does not require maintenance and is suitable for round-the-clock operation. The receiver part of the Node ensures operation at low levels of optical power, which allows for significant reduction of the number of active network components and thus improves its reliability.

Optical wavelength
1550±10 nm
Input optical power
-6 to +2 dBm
Optical return loss
35 dB
Equivalent input noise current
5.5 pA/√Hz
Frequency range
75 to 1005 MHz (optional)
±0.75 dB
Max output level CTB/CSO (42 ch, CENELEC)
98/98 dBµV
Level adjustment range
0 to 20 dB
Equalizer adjustment range
0 to 20 dB
Frequency range
5 to 55 MHz (optional)
±0.5 dB
Input level range
  • at IMA(III)В
  • at IMA(II)B
70 to 90 dBµV
  • -45
  • -45
Level adjustment range
0 to 12 dB
Noise factor
6 dB
Return loss
18 dB
Laser type
Optical wavelength
1310±40 nm
Output optical power
1 mW
Output optical power stability
±1 dB
Laser operating mode
Burst mode
Switchover time between modes
1.5 µs
Mains voltage
~187 to 244 V
Power consumption
12 W
155х115х60 mm
Temperature range
-20 to +55 °C
Optical connector
SC/APC (optional)
Connector type
Signal attenuation at test point
20 dB
Battery capacity*
7 A/h (12 V)
Battery life**
12 hours
Battery charging time**
20 hours
Protection class according to IEC529
* - optional
** - for 7 A/h 12 V battery

PLANAR also offers KR 7-12 Power Set, which includes:
  • 7-12 Battery
  • Battery mounting bracket
  • Clamping


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