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TUZ19 Series Optical Receiver (Button Control)

TUZ19 Optical Receiver is a up-to-date optical receiver with internal microprocessor control. It is designed for FTTx structures of CaTV.

High output level allows to use the device for maintenance of huge amount of subscribers, and to reduce the number of active elements of a network. The slope and level adjusting, multifunctional 3-digit indicator and the multistage protection of all ports provide easy installation by any staff qualification.

The device has a system of reservation by optical inputs. It is equipped with intellectual module for checking and controlling the device via Ethernet. The use of this system is allows the operator not only to increase controllability and reliability of the network, but also to organize some new services which increase the economic efficiency of network.

The housing of receiver is built for 19" rack.

Optical Receiver TUZ 19 m.2003
  • 19" rack housing
  • High output level
  • Electronic slope and level adjustments
  • AGC system
  • Input optical and output electrical level indication
  • Wide range of input optical power
  • Remote monitoring and control


  • TUZ2001 – single optical input
  • TUZ2003 – two optical input
  • TUZ4001 – single optical input, enhanced output level
  • TUZ4002 – two optical inputs, enhanced output level


Frequency range
48 to 862 MHz (1000 MHz optional)
Bypass flatness
±0.75 dB
Output level (CTB/CSO < -60 dB, CENELEC 42 ch)
  • 9 dB slope
  • flat

  • 114 dBuV
  • 110 dBuV

  • 117 dBuV
  • 114 dBuV
Input optical wavelength
1200 to 1600 nm
Input optical power range
-9 to +3 dBm
Effective AGC range
-8 to +2 dBm
AGC modes
off/by input power
Optical return loss
45 dB
Equivalent input noise current
4,5 pA/√Hz
Level adjustment range
0 to 20 dB
Slope adjustment range
0 to 18 dB
Return loss
18 dB – 1,5 dB/oct
RF connectors type
3/8” (F)
TAP attenuation
20 dB
Number of inputs
Optical connector type
HUM modulation
< -70 dB
Main powering voltage
~180 to 250 V (110V available)
Power consumption
12 W
15 W
165х155х60 mm
1.5 kg
Temperature range
-20 to +50 °С

Built-in remote control allows transmitting optical receiver parameters to operator, and controlling the receiver via Ethernet.

Control interface
  • Remote control
  • Local control
  • Ethernet 10/100Mbit
  • Manually by buttons
Supported network protocols
  • Telnet (remote control)
  • SNMP (remote control)
  • HТTP (remote control)
  • TFTP (updating software)
  • DHCP (client)

User interfaces and indication
Remote control
  • TelNet
  • Web-interface
  • SNMP
Local control
Manually controlling by using 3 built-in buttons
  • Multifunctional 3-digit indicator
  • Active optical input indicator

Checked parameters and control
Max number of optical inputs
Measured input optical power
-11 to +3 dBm
Measured RF group signal1
80 to 120 dBuV
Receiver temperature
-9 to 99 °C
Supply power
5 to 15 V
Switching between inputs
  • Manual
  • Automatic
AGC modes
  • off
  • by input signal
Alarm circuit status
Note:1 - СENELEC, 42 ch.


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