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SOT-02 Optical Transmitters

SOT-02 Optical Transmitters are designed for operation in forward and return paths. The forward path transmitters are equipped with a DFB-laser of 1310 nm wavelength, what prevents high non-linear distortion in CATV networks. The return path transmitters can be implemented with one of the laser diodes (FP or DFB). The wavelength of the return path transmitter can be from 1470 to 1610 nm (for CWDM technology defined when ordered).

SOT-02 Return Path Optical Transmitter

SOT-02 Return Path Optical Transmitter

The Return Path Optical Transmitter is used for data transmission in the fiber-coaxial cable networks.
Key features:

  • Optical power check
  • Input level adjustment
  • Tap
  • Compact housing

It is recommended to use SOT-02 Return Path Optical Transmitter along with a forward path optical transmitter and a diplexer. The Optical Transmitter can be equipped with a DFB laser up to 3 mW.


Frequency range
5 to 200 MHz (optional)
± 0.5 dB
Input level if IMAIII(B) is
  • -30 dB (Po=1 mW)
  • -40 dB (Po=1 mW)
  • -50 dB (Po=1 mW)

  • 70 dBμV
  • 68 dBμV
  • 68 dBμV
Noise figure
6 dB
Input level adjustment
0 to 20 dB
Return loss
18 dB
Laser type
FP / (optional)
Optical signal wavelength1310±40 nm / (optional)
Output optical power
1 mW
Optical return loss
45 dB
Output optical power stability
± 1 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio
70 dB
Mains voltage
  • ~20 to 65 V
  • = 24 to 80 V
Power consumption
3 W
Protection class according to IEC 529
0.5 kg
155x115x60 mm
Temperature range
-20 to +55 °C
Connector type
Optical connector
SC/APC (optional)
Signal attenuation at test point
20 dB, F-quick

SOT-02 Forward Path Optical Transmitters

The Forward Path Optical Transmitters are used for TV signals transmission in fiber-coaxial cable networks.

SOT-02 Froward Path Optical Transmitter

Key feature:

  • Automatic gain adjustment (AGC)
  • Automatic optical power adjustment
  • Tap
  • Two options of power supply: mains or UPS

Available models:


  • 1310 – wavelength
  • SA – SC/APC output connector
  • 05 – optical power
  • xx – power supply model
  • yy – RF part model

Frequency range
47 to 862 MHz (optional)
Baseband input level (42 channels)70 to 80 dBμV
  • CTB*
  • CSO*
  • CNR*
  • -60 dB
  • -60 dB
  • 51 dB
  • -65 dB
  • -65 dB
  • 51 dB
Tap attenuation
20 dB
Flatness± 0.75 dB
Return loss18 dB
Signal-to-noise ratio
70 dB
Optical signal wavelength1310±10 nm
Laser typeDFB
Spectral width (-20 dB)0.1 nm
Output optical power+5±0.2 dBm
Relative intensity noise (RIN)-145 dB/Hz
Optical isolation20 dB
Mains voltage220 V/50 Hz
Power consumption
7 W9 W
Battery capacity-7 A/h (12 V)
Battery life-12 hours
Battery charging time-20 hours
Temperature range0 to +50 °C
Optical connectorSC/APC
Connector typeF female
Dimensions155x115x60 mm
Weight0.7 kg
*- OMI 3.2%, 42 ch, optical power at test input is 0 dBm


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