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Television multichannel demodulator MDM-500

  • Up to 16 independent process channels.
  • Usable in MMDS systems.
  • Usable in multichannel video supervision systems.
  • Usable in systems with the redundancy.
  • Usable in multichannel television systems of the air condition inspection.
  • High tuning precision due to the frequency synthesizer.
  • “Parallel” sound channel.
  • Automatic gain control (AGC).
  • Group delay time (GDT) in compliance with GOST Р 50890-96
  • Small differential amplitude and phase distortions.
  • Input signal level displaying (5 levels).
  • Every channel input level diagnostics, “fail” signal when input signal disappear
  • Output test ports AUDIO/VIDEO.

Multichannel television demodulator “MDM-500” (futher MD) is intended for transforming the broadcast television radio signals in video and audio signals. Broadcast television radio signals can be located in adjacent channels (including MMDS packets)

In this case, video and audio signals can be processed by outside devices to release the following tasks:

  • Decoding MMDS packets in collective television reception systems;
  • Setting additional information in video signals (logo, advertisements, teletext);
  • Video signal transcoding;
  • Video signal processing (e.q., information image creating for all channels).

MD is used also:

  • In air condition inspection systems;
  • In systems with the redundancy.

Besides MD together with modulator blocks is used:

  • In multichannel video supervision systems;

  • As universal easy programmed headend systems, when the conversion of television channels is performed through the demodulation in video/audio signals.

MD contains MDM-500 cassete (19″ construction in compliance with MEC 297), in which demodulator modules DM-500 are located. MD can be designed with any number of demodulator modules from 1 to 16. Additional modules setting (while presence of free install places) can be easy performed by yourself.

Each demodulator module has one radio signal input and one video/audio output.

Every module can be quickly connected to the test port.


Frequency range, MHz 48—862
Programmable step, kHz 50
Input level, dBµV 60—100
Video output level, V 1/75 Ohm
Audio output level, V 0.25/12 kOhm
Differential phase (typical), deg 2
Differential gain (typical), deg 2
Connectors type:
in F
out RCA

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