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IT-100 Multisystem TV Analyzer
IT-100 Multisystem TV Signal Analyzer
is designed for measuring parameters of cable, broadcasting, satellite, IP, digital and analog TV signals and also for monitoring TV picture and audio.
ITM-18 TV Remote Service Analyzer
is designed for measurement of TV channel parameters and transmission of measurement results to a remote PC using TCP/IP local area network. The Analyzer is used in the cable TV networks for the purposes of continuous automatic monitoring of signal parameters.
TUZ19 Optical Receiver
TUZ19 Optical Receivers
with Monitoring are designed for FTTx networks. The devices have high output level, built-in slope and level adjustments. It is equipped with intellectual module for checking and controlling the device via Ethernet by Telnet, SNMP, web-browser. Local control is provided by multifunctional 3-digit indicator and 3 control buttons.
IT-089 DVB-T/T2 Signal Analyzer
(MC-089 module plugged-in), 45 to 865 MHz range. Support of DVB-T and DVB-T2 digital TV standards. Measurements for analog channels: carrier level, C/N and V/A ratios, spectrum, and for digital channels: channel power, MER, BER, constellation and echo diagrams. Powering of antenna amplifiers.
SDO3000 Series Optical Receiver (small image)
SDO3000 Series Optical Receiver
New series of optical receivers has wide range of input optical power (-9 to +3 dBm), AGC system by input, electronic adjustments, high output level. New due-cast housing provides optimal temperature regime and effective protection against the inducted noise.
PON1500 Optical Node
is designed for operation in HTTx cable networks. It receives an optical signal and converts it to an RF signal in forward path (FP), and also converts an RF signal to an optical signal in return path (RP).

IT-083 DVB-S/S2 Signal Analyzer
A configuration of IT-08 Multifunction TV Meter designed for adjustment of reception systems of satellite analog and digital (DVB-S and DVB-S2) TV signals.

CIU-003CIU-003 Remote Service TV Signal Analyzer

The Analyzer is designed for monitoring parameters of analog and digital (DVB-C and DVB-T) channels of distribution networks, as well as for checking MPEG transport stream. Ethernet interface is used for the Analyzer control and data acquisition. SNMP protocol is supported.

IT-08Upgraded MB-08 Base Unit for IT-08 Multifunction TV Meter

Upgraded design, color LCD display, USB port for communication with PC, electronic power switch, improved battery charge circuitry, new user firmware for removable modules and new software for PC.

SUO1111SUO1111 Universal Optical Repeater

The Universal Optical Repeater is designed for optical signal amplification along with intermediate RF conversion. Technical solutions ensure wide dynamic range of the input signal and stable behavior of the output signal. Optical input signal is within 1100 to 1650 nm, output signal is 1310 nm. SUO1111 is implimented in compact noise-proof housing in two modifications, mains-powered and mains-powered with UPS.

SUO1000SUO1000 Series Optical Nodes

The Optical Nodes are designed for data transmission in fiber coaxial cable networks. They ensure reception and conversion of optical signal to RF signal in forward path (1550 nm wavelength) and conversion of RF signal to optical signal in return path (1310 nm wavelength). Forward path and return path share the same fiber. The Nodes support RFoG standard of data transmission.

SOT-03SOT-03 Optical Transmitter

The Optical Transmitter is used to transmit TV signals in fiber coaxial cable networks. Optical signal is transmitted at the 1310 nm wavelength. Optical output power is +5 dBm. The transmitter features automatic gain control of input signal to the required level, automatic adjustment of optical power, tap. The transmitter is 19"-rack mountable.

IT-15IT-15T2 DVB-T/T2 Signal Analyzer

Belongs to mini IT Series of TV Signal Analyzers, designed for adjustment of reception systems of analog and digital (DVB-T and DVB-T2) TV signals.

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